Where to Donate Stuff When Moving? Moving presents an excellent opportunity to declutter your home and part ways with items you no longer need. Instead of discarding usable belongings, consider donating them to organizations that can put them to good use. In this guide, Cheap Movers Riverside explores various places where you can donate items when moving, helping you streamline your relocation process while giving back to the community.

Where to Donate Stuff When Moving?

1. Local Charities and Nonprofits: Many local charities and nonprofit organizations accept donations of clothing, furniture, household goods, and other items. Examples include Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and local shelters or community centers. Donating to these organizations supports their missions and helps individuals and families in need.

2. Thrift Stores: Thrift stores are another option for donating gently used items. These stores resell donated goods at affordable prices, with proceeds often benefiting charitable causes. Popular thrift store chains include Value Village, Savers, and local thrift shops in your area.

3. Food Banks: If you have non-perishable food items that you won’t be taking with you, consider donating them to a local food bank. Food banks distribute food to individuals and families facing food insecurity, helping alleviate hunger in the community. Check online or contact local food banks to inquire about their donation guidelines.

4. Libraries and Schools: Libraries and schools may accept donations of books, educational materials, and supplies. Your gently used books could find new homes in library collections or school classrooms, enriching the reading experiences of others. Contact your local library or school district to inquire about their donation policies.

5. Animal Shelters: Animal shelters often welcome donations of pet supplies, bedding, blankets, towels, and other items to care for animals awaiting adoption. Your donations can help provide comfort and care to shelter animals while they await their forever homes. Reach out to local animal shelters or rescue organizations to learn about their specific donation needs.

6. Online Donation Platforms: Several online platforms facilitate donations of various items to individuals or organizations in need. Websites such as Freecycle, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace allow you to list items for donation in your local community, connecting you with individuals who can benefit from them.


Donating items when moving not only reduces waste but also benefits those in need and contributes to community support efforts. By exploring donation options such as local charities, thrift stores, food banks, libraries, schools, animal shelters, and online platforms, you can ensure that your unwanted belongings find new homes where they can be appreciated and utilized. Cheap Movers Riverside encourages you to consider donating items as part of your moving process, making a positive impact on others while simplifying your relocation.


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