How to Throw a Packing Party When Moving? Planning a move can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. Hosting a packing party can turn the tedious task of packing into a fun and collaborative event. At Cheap Movers Riverside, we understand the importance of efficiency and camaraderie when it comes to moving. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips on how to throw a successful packing party that will make your moving experience both enjoyable and productive.

How to Throw a Packing Party When Moving?

1. Send Invitations: Start by inviting friends, family, and neighbors to join your packing party. Send out invitations well in advance, and provide details about the date, time, and location of the event. Encourage guests to RSVP so you can plan accordingly.

2. Organize Packing Supplies: Gather all the necessary packing supplies, including boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap, and packing paper. Make sure you have enough supplies for everyone to use during the party. You can also ask guests to bring their own packing materials if they have any.

3. Create Packing Stations: Set up designated packing stations around your home, each equipped with packing supplies. Assign specific tasks to each station, such as packing kitchen items, clothes, or books. This will help keep the process organized and efficient.

4. Provide Refreshments: Keep your guests energized and motivated by providing refreshments and snacks throughout the party. Set up a food and drinks station with easy-to-grab snacks, water, and beverages. Consider ordering pizza or sandwiches for a more substantial meal.

5. Play Music and Games: Create a lively atmosphere by playing music in the background and organizing fun games or activities. Consider hosting packing challenges with prizes for the most efficiently packed boxes or the most creatively labeled ones.

6. Pack Strategically: Encourage guests to pack strategically by labeling boxes with the room they belong to and a brief description of their contents. Provide packing tips and techniques to ensure that fragile items are properly protected during transit.

7. Express Gratitude: Take the time to thank your guests for their help and support throughout the packing party. Consider giving small tokens of appreciation, such as personalized thank-you notes or homemade treats, to show your gratitude.


Hosting a packing party can turn the daunting task of packing into a fun and memorable experience shared with friends and loved ones. By following these tips from Cheap Movers Riverside, you can ensure that your packing party is both enjoyable and productive, setting the stage for a successful move to your new home.


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