Optimize your book collection

While it’s true that packing books when moving home is relatively easier than packing kitchen plates and glasses for a move, you still need to know the basic book packaging principles and safety rules to prevent any damage to your favorite books and extend them the durability.

Moving house is a chaotic time in life, even though seemingly simple tasks can be terribly wrong. The next simple steps will show you the best way to pack books for moving.

A single book page is almost weightless, a book is not really heavy, gets 5 books together and things start to feel different. Books in a tight place and you will understand why moving books could prove to be tougher than you expected. And since the final moving price is based primarily on the removal distance and the overall shipment weight, you should seriously consider that the total weight as you can.

Sort and group your books

You can find out that some of your books have been seriously damaged over time, especially if they have not been stored properly. Other specimens may have lost the original value they had when you first bought them. Either way, it’s time to sort your books into two big piles: Take and stay behind.

Get proper supplies for the packaging

Although packing books for a move is not the hardest work in your packing calendar, you will still need the right packing materials to keep harmful damage away from your favorite reader.
Choose the right packing such as book boxes, wrapping paper, newspapers or packaging tape.
Label your packed boxes properly to make things easier for you on arrival in your new home.

Prepare book boxes for more efficiency

Before you can start putting the already sorted and grouped books in boxes of the right size, let’s list the steps you need to take to ensure that the moving containers are 100% up and running.

Learn how to pack books for moving

First, valuable books should be individually wrapped in soft paper. If you happen to have a few books of great sentimental value, you must keep them with you throughout the turn.

Choose the book packing method that appears the quickest and easiest for you, and then stick to the end.
Avoid placing books too close together, as doing so could damage a copy while you try to take it on arrival.

Follow the safety rules

Keep the weight of a single book-filled box under 40 pounds. Again the books are heavier than you think.

Use small to medium sized boxes to pack books properly.

Always put the heaviest books on the bottom of a box.

Always glue the seams of the book boxes as a precaution, even if these containers are brand new.

Despite these great tips for packing books to move, if you still have doubts that you will be able to pack and move your books on your own, then professional furniture movers and moving companies will take care of your book collection.

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