Hate moving house? Hate less with these 3 tips. Don’t worry about moving and don’t hate! Moving house, which seems quite tiring, can be easily handled with a good organization. In particular, “How should the kitchen be organized?” If you are wondering, our tips are just for you.


Make a job list

Hate moving house? Our first tip is to make a to-do list. Even if you don’t have many things in your house, your mind may be quite tired when that big day comes due to the details about moving. During the move-in day, the movers may need to consult you on many issues. Although the moving company is professional, they will need to ask you which parcel to put in which room.

Before you move, grab pen and paper and draw up a plan for each room. Share this list with family members or friends who will be involved in moving house, or let’s create it together as a moving company. Plan ahead of time for remodeling, painting and repair work to be done before the move-in day.

Try to set your schedule realistically for the cleaning, ventilation of the house and possible delays after the renovation. Considering details such as emptying the refrigerator and putting the clothes to be worn that day and the next day in suitcases or boxes provide practical solutions for moving time.


What do you need when moving to a new house?

Hate moving house? Before moving home or office furniture, after collecting the items and making the preparations such as the renovation in the place where you will move, it’s time for the house moving materials you need to buy! In addition to the moving box, lots of newsprint or packing paper for packaging, bubble wrap to wrap white goods or use when packing fragile items, at least 3 duct tape, 2 scissors or fork blades, large garbage bags, boxes are the largest of the house movers. are assistants.

You can easily find moving boxes and packaging materials. If you are going to pack your large items, you may also need materials such as parcel wrapping rope and stretch material. If you are not ready for the moving day, we can contact our company and carry out all these processes. Our company is a specialized and reliable company in this field. If you are going to do all these processes yourself, then some problems may arise. For example, you have to find the boxes in which the furniture and refrigerator will be placed. These boxes aren’t really ubiquitous. You can read our article on where to find it: HOW TO MAKE MOVING PACKING

Hate moving house? Hate it less with these 3 tips

In what order should you collect the items?

Hate moving house? If so, then you are reading the right article. The kitchen is the biggest part of the house move. Your shoes, clothes, books, toys if you have children, and many other things are unbreakable and you can collect them easily and quickly. Kitchen utensils, on the other hand, require special attention when moving house. Even if the glasses, plates, pots, cutlery sets in the kitchen are used daily, there are heaps of kitchen utensils waiting in a corner in every kitchen. It’s helpful to set a scenario for the moving day. How Does? If your new home’s kitchen is small, it can be difficult to stack all the boxes in the kitchen. If the parcels will be collected in another room, you can definitely number them in order of priority. You can pack the items you use all the time last, write a note like “Daily used kitchen utensils” and ask for the truck to be loaded last.

All in all, we hope these tips make things easier for you. As Cheap Movers Riverside, we are always with you during the moving process and we are ready to offer you a safe and affordable moving service.

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