Different types of bubble wrap and when to use them during a move? In this article, we will try to explain the most important materials to be used when packing goods in moving.

Packing of goods is the most important stage in moving. It is very important that the goods are packed in a way that is resistant to bumps, jams and falls during transportation. At the packaging stage, all items should be packed in such a way that the drop distance is 100 cm and they are resistant to 32 kg weight impacts. Our company has sufficient technical knowledge and experience in packing your goods.

Moving consists of 3 stages.

  • Packing of goods,
  • Moving of goods,
  • The stage of delivering the goods to the desired address.

Different types of bubble wrap and when to use them during a move? The packaging of the items is the first and most important part. Mistakes to be made in this process will not create customer satisfaction, even if the other stages are very good. For this reason, our company takes the correct and safe packaging of the goods very seriously and trains all its employees in this regard.

How Should Home Carrying Bags Be?

We would not be exaggerating if we say that the packing material determines the fate of the transport. Because we know that cheap and poor quality materials to be used will be torn during transportation and items will be damaged. Different types of bubble wrap and when to use them during a move? Choosing the right material ensures that the goods are transported without damage. We take our work very seriously on the quality of the material on which the goods are wrapped during packaging.

The first place among the materials used is the use of bubble nylon. It is mostly used for large items such as armchairs, chairs, tables and white goods. It is wrapped in one or two layers in accordance with the sensitivity of the structure of the item. For items such as TV, monitor or chandelier, we use sponge nylon and then bubble nylon to fix it.

Which Item is Prepared in the Item Packing Process?

Another issue, as important as packing materials, is to pack with the right technique. Our company attaches special importance to 4 issues in the undamaged delivery of the goods. These;
• The quality of the materials and materials used in packaging the goods,
• The technique applied while packing the goods,
• Placing the goods on the transport vehicle in a systematic and correct order,
• It is the stage of safely delivering the goods to the address and assembly.

Different types of bubble wrap and when to use them during a move? In particular, packaging items such as glassware, porcelain and electronic appliances requires technical skill. Packing is done by considering the right material selection and the fragility of the goods. Again, large-sized items must be resistant to impacts and impacts during moving. For this reason, some items are packed more densely with sponge material.

Safe wrapping and boxing of kitchen utensils is an important issue that requires attention when it comes to packaging fragile items. Some of our customers prefer to pack their kitchen utensils themselves. Our shipping company does not accept responsibility if people cannot pack with sufficient materials and the right technique. For this reason, we offer our customers to prepare their belongings in the best way and take full responsibility.

As Cheap Movers Riverside goods transport company, we offer you the best service in moving. The most important element in a clean moving process is a correct packaging service. As Riverside moving company, we use quality products in packaging.

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